Friday, November 21, 2008

Uggh, Bobby Flay

I've seen The Food Network show Throwdown with Bobby Flay a pretty embarrassing number of times. And I swear, the skeezeball wins just about every time I watch. Grrrrr.

I just wanna smack that smug look right off his face when critics sample his food, and most especially, when he wins.


Portrait of a smug jerk.
Credits: The Ghetto Gourmet Chronicles

By the way, I gotta say, I'm not that impressed with his throwdown skills since he always has a training staff dispensing ingredient secrets before he makes his concoction. How talented are you if you have a team helping you make your recipes? And know your challenge beforehand?

I'd love to see ol' Bobby compete without his entourage preparing him. Granted he'd probably still win all the time, meh, but at least it would be more fair. It's not like the competing chefs know in advance what's coming.

Don't worry Bobby, I'll still watch your show. I'll just never root for you.

(Does anyone ever root for the guy by the way? Just curious.)


swangsta said...

UGH THANK GOD someone else can't stand that smug jerk. He has a team helping him behind the scenes for days before he completely ambushes them, AND he usually tries to do a "twist" on things to make it seem super special! I like the episodes where he loses despite his crack team.

Whitney said...

Watch the episode with the "Casserole Queens". They're from Austin! They just filmed it... I think on Thursday, so it might not be for a while.

Rachel said...

Being the Food Network addict I am, I've formed some strong opinions on this topic. First off, I agree, Flay's a grade A jerk. He's as smug as they come. However, he's a total rock star chef/businessman. He has something like 10 Mesa Grills across the country. Also, he's from Jersey. He's actually not so much of an ass after taking that into consideration. It's funny, because all of the episodes I've watched, he doesn't win. He loses horribly. Food Network knows that his attitude sucks, so I think that's why they've taken away his main cooking show and stuck him with the humiliating "Throwdown". I mean, how can a Southwestern chef compete with some old lady out in Oklahoma who makes nothing but chili for a living? He can't. Winding down my rant, I'd still rather watch arrogant, hugely talented Bobby any day over Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee who are perky and embarrassingly bad chefs.