Monday, November 24, 2008

Postcards from Mexico, part deux

Got a text from my cousin yesterday, she has now received her postcard (sent in August) as well. WTF? One to go!

Here are some ideas for future taglines for the Baja California Sur's postal system:
  • 67% chance your mail will arrive, 0% chance it'll be within 2 months (not catchy enough)
  • It's not really mail if there's no mystery to it!
  • If you forgot you sent it, then it's a surprise when it arrives!
  • Better late than never (too obvious)
  • Good things happen to those who wait (see above)
  • Every send begins with dismay
  • You probably should have sent it by media mail.
  • You've held your breath 78 trillion times, and it's finally here!
  • If you really, really want to send it, you shouldn't here
  • You'll never know where it's been before it got to you
  • You could have swum it to your destination faster
  • Expedience is not our forte
  • What's service?
  • We don't hurry (or We're in no hurry)
  • Make sure the recipient is under 50
  • Where every delivery is like unearthing a time capsule
  • Mexico to the USA, and everywhere in between, 308 times.
  • Every send is an adventure
I really should use less exclamation points.

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