Friday, August 8, 2008


It's here, it's here! The (Summer) Olympics are here! I've only waited 4 exhausting years for this! (You'd think I was a world-class athlete with that proclamation.)

Too bad it's the most insanely busy week of my life (OK -- that's a little dramatic -- but it is extremely hectic right now). I just hope I don't miss all the action.

Go Team USA! I had a snowcone named after you last week in your honor.

My mini Olympic week consists of an agency-wide intern presentation at work, hour-long presentation for my class, and two papers, one being 18 pages. While much less exciting and exhilarating than platform diving or performing the iron cross on rings, it will be intense in its own "special" way.

I will definitely be squeezing in mini-watching sessions for swimming at the very least, and very likely gymnastics, diving, and track & field as well. Here's to hoping Michael Phelps gets mostly silvers (except relays) & that the other US Olympians take golds in all his individual events.

I'm such a jerk. But how can you not despise him when you see this picture? Ugggh.

If that wasn't bad enough, the free Olympic Preview Sports Illustrated delivered to my house (under someone else's name) had him "gracing" the cover. Fine, fine, he's a big story, again. And he's great for the sport. I get it. But did a full 9 (I got tired of counting after that) pages have to be dedicated to this guy? I guess it's only prep for all the "feel good" producers' storylines that will be raised again and again. But did we really need to know how many Facebook friends he has? The answer is 4,621 if you were wondering.*

Anyway, here's hoping that Team USA destroys the Land Down Under in all swimming relays (just a little friendly competition of course)! Though I'll admit, I'm still pretty sad that we won't see Gary Hall, Jr. in these Games.

In the back of my mind I'm on the semi-lookout for ambush marketing attempts too, but with recent IOC sanctions, I have a feeling I won't be seeing much of that.

OK, back to the insanity.

*This number has probably grown since I wrote this.

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