Sunday, July 6, 2008

Did you get a chance to see Wimbledon?

Because if you didn't, you surely missed out!

The men's final pitted #1 Roger Federer and #2 Rafael Nadal in an epic match that won't be forgotten in ages. A match lasting over four and a half hours and three rain delays finally concluded with a victor -- but not without five sets and three of them needing tie-breaks. After losing the first two sets, Federer pulled himself back to take sets 3 and 4 in tie-breaks. With a wild 2-2 fifth set under way, another rain delay postponed the excitement, but only made the intensity more nerve-wracking. Would Federer win his sixth straight Wimbledon? Or would Nadal finally win a Grand Slam not on clay (anything other than the French)?

Long story short, Nadal won the match, but not without a fifth set going to yet another tie-break.

Did the victory denote a changing of the guard? Have we seen the end of Federer's reign over the tennis world? Is Nadal the new king, or will the two continue to endure legendary contests? As long as there is the promise of mesmerizing competitions like this one, the tennis world has a lot to look forward to.

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