Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Move to WordPress?

I keep debating my move to WordPress. Does anyone prefer WordPress to Blogger? Why? Why not? I hear great things about what you can do there if you know any HTML, but so far I've found WP to be confusing.

If it were possible, I'd like to make the move while keeping the blog looking pretty similar to the way it does now. I want to retain my "header" image, Georgia for the font, green margins and links to compliment the header picture and the ease in publishing.

Does anyone else have issues navigating WP? Or any suggestions on the whole?

I was able to import my Blogger work to date to WP, including all pictures I uploaded and comments. My YouTube clips didn't carry over though. I need to comb through and bring it up to the caliber of this site (not tooting my own horn, I'm simply acknowledging the need to improve elsewhere).

Here's what I've started. Better? Worse? Web gurus, please pass on any wisdom you can! Many thanks!

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