Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sonic: Mystery Solved

Finally, after a year or two of checking every so often online, I found out what agency makes Sonic's hilarious commercials! Not only that, but someone else who touts the campaign's genius. As it turns out, Barkley, an employee-owned agency out of Kansas City, churns out these dazzling ads.

According to an article in Ad Age (proof that someone else enjoys these commercials as much as I do), these ads are acted out by improv actors. Turns out the amazingly entertaining actors have been improvising gems to the prescribed scripts this entire time!

The commercials either show the same two male friends interacting or a husband and wife team. I think the commercials with the pair of guys are a complete riot. Here's an example of the duo in action:

The husband and wife are less absurd, but are certainly still funny. They run in the 60th percentile of funniness, let's say, while the all-guy team is consistently in the 80th-95th percentile. Nonetheless, I love that the wife is always giving the husband lip, instead of the other way around. The pitiful husband is a great foil to the stronger, and mildly sardonic wife. Check them out:

Just like I've been saying for several years now, I can't wait to see what ol' Sonic comes up with next. Apparently the guy team has made 115 "video blackouts" together since 2003. What great comedic chemistry!

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